SKIMS forms committee to look into baby’s death, ‘presiding doctor’ denies being part of it

Srinagar: Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) has formed a committee to look into the death of a two year old baby boy Eliya Ali who died after a failed Tracheotomy procedure.

However, the doctor who has been asked to preside over the committee denied to a part of any such committee.

The family had alleged the doctor in question, Dr.Faheem-ul-Islam of ‘murdering’ their child.

After the incident which took place on 16th September, Faheem is still ‘on the run.’

Talking to Free Press Kashmir, Director of SKIMS, Dr. AG Ahangar said, “I can’t give you any details until the enquiry committee comes up with something.”

Dr Ahangar didn’t take any further questions regarding the case, and for more details when the convener under whom a committee is being formed to investigate the case, denied being part of the investigating team.

Dr Nisar chowdhary denied that he had been issued a notice to delegate a group for investigating the death of a two year old that took place in the evening of 16th of September.

“I was outside the state, I just came back and I am not part of any investigation committee,” Said Dr Chowdhary, who didn’t reveal his professional position.

The family now has also alleged the police of showing a lackadaisical approach towards the case.

“The authorities were already beating around the bush and now the police as well have started taking us for a ride. They are killing time so that I get tired and stop pursuing this case,” said Mayasar Ali, the deceased baby’s uncle.

He added, “I am never going to do that until I am dead like Eliya.”

Categorizing Eliya’s case as a ‘Technical glitch’ the police have denied lodging of a FIR. According to the Supreme Court’s ordinance an FIR can’t be registered against any doctor if the cause of the patient’s death is due to technical faults.

“We have court’s order that says we can’t go for lodging a FIR against a doctor until negligence done at his hands is proved. We can’t do anything in this regard with this case as of now until a board of doctors from the concerned hospital certifies that the cause of death was negligence of the alleged doctor,” said Sajad Shah, SSP North.

When asked about the fact of forging of documents/hospital records by the hospital authorities, he claimed to have no information about the faking of reports.

Two different reports given to the family by the hospital.

“Nobody has told me about the hospital authorities providing two copies to reports to this family, one fake and one real. As soon as I will be made officially aware of that I will look into the matter,” Shah added.

The concerned doctor Faheem-ul-islam is still ‘on the run’ after allegedly leaving the hospital when he failed to do a tracheotomy.


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