Mourning in Frames

The tragedy of Karbala that occurred fifty years after the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a unique event of Islamic History – many dimensional and multi-leveled. Just when the Muslim empire had reached almost its zenith, Hussain (A.S), the grandson of the Prophet (SAW) challenged not only the legitimacy of Yazid, the then ruler of the Muslim empire but even the legitimacy of that imperialist tyranny which was masquerading as Islamic State. Hussain sealed his protest with his blood and the blood of the small number of his companions who fell fighting, under heaviest odds, against hordes of state mercenaries. 

The battle of Karbala was a clash not between personalities but between two principles: love of truth against lust for power. – Karrar Hussain. 

Ashura 2017 in Kashmir started from Bota Kadal, and through Mohalla-e-Afzal, is now marching in bands, all the way to the destination – the Imambara, where the mourning will conclude in the dead of the night.

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