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Braid Chopping: SIT has not shared details of even a single case, says SWC

I am not going to buy the theory of mass hysteria without proof, says Mehjoor  

Srinagar: Chairperson of the State Commission for Women on Wednesday questioned the investigation by Police and Special Investigation Teams (SIT) regarding the growing incidents of mysterious braid chopping, saying that they have failed to share details of the enquiry done so far.

“We had asked the SITs to share the details of investigation on daily basis but they so far failed to share the details even of a single case,” the Commission’s chairperson, Nayeema Mahjoor told KNS.

Mehjoor added that she doesn’t even know what SIT has investigated so far and how they are working and where are they working.

She said that the SIT has failed to share details of the investigation done over the braid chopping incidents.

“I believe some among the officials appointed in the SITs are not taking our directions seriously due to which they don’t share details so far,” she said, adding that she could have come up with the facts within one week in case she had proper resources.

“I can’t say that the SITs are not investigating the matter but we have to work on war footing basis to bring respite to the people especially to the womenfolk,” she added.

She said that the SITs constituted must share the details about the investigation over braid chopping to the commission.

Asked about the Police claims that the victims are not cooperating, Mehjoor said, “I believe that some among the victims have cooperated with the Police as I talked to some of the victims as well as the Police officials and their statements were quite similar, which seems that the victims at few places have cooperated. Police should investigate those cases first so that they may get a proper lead in this regard.”

She further said that Police must come up with the facts in case they are claiming that these incidents are ‘mass hysteria’.

“First of all I am not going to buy any such statement, which terms braid chopping as mass hysteria as the number of the incidents continues to swell with each passing day. Police should come up with the proper evidences to prove their statements that the growing incidents of braid chopping are mass hysteria. If there is no criminal element involved in it then it should be made public with the proper evidence,” she said.

“The only thing Police shared with me is the number of incidents, which are mounting with each passing day,” she informed.

“I also held a series of meetings and spoke to Police chief and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti also in this regard. The CM assured me of proper investigation while the Police chief rued lack of cooperation,” she said, adding that “I am also trying to find out the facts but what can I do without any resource.”

She also questioned the role of Director Health Service Kashmir, who was tasked by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to formulate a team to investigate the chemicals being used prior to the braid chopping incidents.

“Why the health officials have failed to formulate a board to find out the facts regarding the chemicals,” she questioned.

Admitting that the braid chopping victims are in trauma, Mehjoor said, “I visited SMHS and spoke to the medicos who were treating the victims. The medicos informed me that the victims were in trauma. I appeal to the womenfolk to not to get harassed or intimidated. We know the hair is our dignity, but don’t led the situation to harass you.”

Mehjoor asked the people not to take the law in their hands. “If they have proper evidence then they should come to me along with the evidence. I will personally look into that.”

(With inputs from KNS)

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