JRL terms Oct 27 a day mourning, calls for a complete shutdown

Srinagar: While terming the 27 October as black day and the day of mourning for the Kashmiris, Joint resistance leaders comprising of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik called for complete shutdown on Friday October 27, 2017.

JRL in a statement said, “71 years back India without any constitutional and moral justifications forcibly occupied the state of Jammu & Kashmir and since then Indian forces are mercilessly killing innocent and unarmed Kashmiris, vandalizing their properties and are involved in sexual assault on women.”

The statement added, “27 October 1947 is an unfortunate day for the Kashmiris when we were deprived of our freedom and liberty and India against the wishes of the people landed its troops here.”

The statement pointed out that the people of the Jammu & Kashmir were neither asked for their viewpoint about this forced occupation and nor are their wishes and aspirations being respected even today.

While terming the accession of Hari Singh with India as controversial, unreliable and undemocratic, the pro-freedom leaders said that the experts on historical events raise several important queries about its authenticity and over its occurrence and moreover the late Maharaja had no such mandate from the people of the state.

“Who had given this authority to an individual that a person will decide the future of people of a state on his own and that too at an occasion when people stood against him and rebelled against his autocratic rule,” asked JRL and added he had no authority to sign accession as he while fleeing from Srinagar stayed at Jammu.

The statement further added, “The Indian National Congress had at that time adopted a policy about these princely states that the decision regarding to the future of these states will not be taken by the Maharajas or kings but it is the sole right of the people of the states and they will be asked for their political aspirations.”

“Although the ruling elite and kings in Hyderabad and Junagarh wanted to merge their states with Pakistan but India forcibly landed its army, claiming that it is against the principles of partition and the wishes of the people but the same rulers of India with regards to J&K adopted the policies contrary to this and occupied state against the wishes and aspirations of its people,” JRL said.

The JRL maintained said that since then the occupational forces are unleashing atrocities and cruelties upon Kashmiri nation to suppress the peaceful voices and till now more than six lakh people had been killed by these brute forces, ten thousand innocent people killed in custody and equal number subjected to forced custodial disappearance.

“Seven thousand unknown people are buried in unmarked graves and their identity is not being divulged,”JRL’s  statement said.

7500 women were molested or sexually assaulted, said JRL and rape has been used as a war weapon against women in Kashmir.

They said that inhuman laws like Disturbed Arear Act, AFSPA and Public Safety Act are in force and added that police and forces enjoy free hand to perpetrate atrocities.

“Pro-freedom leaders are being denied their political space and they are detained and restrictions imposed on them.”

JRL said that as people are observing 27th October as black day and it will convey a message to global community that they are resisting and resenting the forced occupation and will continue till the last solider leaves the state and added that it also illustrates their wish that they will not accept anything less than freedom.

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