December 16 gangrape left a permanent scar but Rahul Gandhi came like an angel, says victim’s father

The 2012 Delhi gangrape victim’s brother will now work as a pilot and his parents have Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi to thank for that, reported news agency IANS. Refusing to name his son, Badrinath Singh said Gandhi helped the family in “every way possible he could” after the December 16 gangrape.

Singh said his son joined a private airline after completing his commercial pilot training. “My son is now a pilot. He completed his training recently,” he said confirming that “it was possible because of Rahul Gandhi.”

The parents recently revealed how Gandhi counseled their son regularly and motivated him to do something good in life in order to support the family. “He (Rahul) suggested him to pursue a pilot training course and got him admitted to the Uran Akademi in Rae Bareli,” Singh said. The Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is a government-founded autonomous institute in Rae Bareli — the Lok Sabha constituency of Rahul Gandhi’s mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

“Rahul Gandhi made it possible. He looked after us after the incident,” Singh said referring to the gangrape. “He helped us emotionally, monetarily and in many other ways. How else would it be possible for us to make our son a pilot,” he told IANS.

“He used to tell us he was not doing it for his politics. It was purely on humanitarian basis. He used to tell us not to speak to the media,” he said adding that he too has nothing to do with Gandhi’s politics, “but the truth remains the truth, and we cannot thank him enough.”
Singh’s daughter, a 23-year-old paramedic student, was brutally gangraped by six men in 2012 that led to her death 13 days later.

He said many helped the family initially but “it was Gandhi who stood by us always and had strictly told us to keep it a secret. The incident left a permanent scar but Gandhi came like an angel. Whatever the politics, but he has been an angel to us,” said the father.
Asked if he had flown with his son, Singh said: “Not as of now. But maybe I will fly in the plane he pilots soon.”

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