Huriyat blames PDP for sell out and entering into secret deal with BJP and RSS

Srinagar: Huriyat accused PDP for exploiting the freedom sentiments of people and added that for the lust of power, they bargained against our political, economic interests and cultural heritage with RSS and BJP.

Denying any role for pro-Indian political parties for resolving Kashmir issue, Huriyat rejected PDP’s allegations wherein they have blamed Hurriyat for rejecting dialogue offer, and added that Pro-India parties have no support of the people, hence have no role in resolving the Kashmir issue.

All pro-India parties are involved in loot and plunder, and for their masters in New Delhi, exploited the economic resources and political interests of Jammu and Kashmir, accused Huriyat.

“Resistance leadership enjoy full support of people and our stand about Kashmir issue is unambiguous and clear,” said Hurriyat and added that contrary to this, the Indian viewpoint is unacceptable as they have no consideration regarding the historical facts of the Kashmir dispute.

Denying any role for PDP and declaring the state administration as Delhi’s groomed puppets, Huriyat said that Kashmir is neither administrative issue, nor a law and order problem, but an issue related to political destiny of 15 million population.

According to Huriyat, International guidelines for negotiations are the basic criteria, and that all stakeholders are equal, hence conducive atmosphere and equal status for all its parties is the prime factor for any successful dialogue.

Blaming Indian authorities for pushing people to the wall, Huriyat said that with their military might and coercive measures they can’t break our resolve and urged them to accept the historical facts of the Kashmir issue.

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