Geelani hails Pakistan for resolution in UN, says Maliha Lodhi has rightly placed Kashmir issue

All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday while ‘hailing the endure and sincere steps taken by Pakistan establishment for introducing the resolution in UN General Assembly’, said that Ms. Maliha Lodhi has rightly placed the issue keeping in view its historical background.

Geelani said that ‘we are facing extreme situation since past 71 years, and it is the sincere efforts that after 39 years of strenuous efforts Pakistan succeeded to introduce resolution in UNGA, saying that world community has turned their blind eyes to our agonies and miseries, and added that our screams and wailing go un-noticed.’

Hailing Pakistan’s ambassador for her stance, Geelani said that all member countries including India is aware about the historical evidences and aspects of the Kashmir issue, saying it was India that took the case to the UNO.

Geelani added that eighteen resolutions were passed that People of Jammu Kashmir will be given the opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination and the United Nations Security Council stands guarantee for the right to self-determination to the Kashmiri people, however he said that UN has miserably failed to implement its resolutions.

Geelani said that while ‘pursuing their right to self-determination, and for their genuine rights, the people of presented six lakh precious souls to achieve their democratic right and added that until this institution performs its duties as expected, Kashmiris will continue to suffer due to this forced occupation.’

Blaming India for its heartless and haughty approach, Geelani said that Indian authorities are employing their military might to ‘suppress our genuine aspirations’ and added that it is their military might, coercion and oppressive measures, that have prolonged this forced slavery.

Haling Pakistan for their sincere and justified approach and steps, Geelani said that this country continues to support us despite facing multiple challenges and issues.

It is encouraging and we feel delighted that the world body has acknowledged and accepted the Pakistan sponsored resolution, saying that it will send a good message to all subjugated nations.

Geelani said that if all the freedom and justice-loving countries would support the legitimate struggle of the suppressed nations, the world will turn into a real heaven and a peaceful place for all people to live.


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