Slain cop’s body transported in ambulance, batch-mates call it a deplorable act

Imran Tak, the sub inspector of the Jammu and Kashmir police who was killed during a gunfight, his remains were transported to his native place Udhampur in an ambulance.

His batchmates and colleagues have found this highly disrespectful and called it a deplorable act.

“This is a highly deplorable act on the part of police administration, which could not manage chopper for the martyred officer,” said one of the batch mates of Imran to a local Daily Early Times.

While wishing anonymity, he added that the entire fraternity is aghast over the differential treatment against the son of the soil.

Even a member of the Chief Minister’s social media team expressed his resentment on twitter.

Javid Trali wrote that Tak’s body was ‘dumped’ with a dozen other people in the ambulance which included his daughter too.

Tak’s batchmate while talking to the daily said that he deserved proper protocol the same why which is provided to an Army man.

“Those at the helm of affairs in the police department should be ashamed for treating their subordinates like cattle. They have disrespected the martyr by sending his body by road in an old ambulance instead of chopper,” he lamented.

The official claimed that even during his wreath laying ceremony, no senior Army official was present.

However, the police claimed that they tried to arrange a chopper to transport Tak’s body which couldn’t happen as it was night time.

DIG Central Kashmir Ghulam Hassan Bhat told Early times that the Chopper couldn’t be arranged and also refuted the claims that family members of Tak were also in the ambulance.

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