Official apathy: JKPSC aspirants made to wait for hours as no one was available to receive their forms

Srinagar: The candidates who had applied for Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission’s post for Assistant Professor were left high and dry when the officer who had to receive their forms was missing.

The candidates as per schedule reached the JKPSC’s office at 10:00am. With many among them hailing from far flung areas, they were disappointing to see the bench empty.

Some of the candidates that had applied for a leave at their present offices, while others said that they had made adjustments in their schedule to be able to submit the form in person, when had already been submitted online.

The candidates alleged that the employees present in the office refused to collect the forms from the candidates and then told them the ‘only’ officer who can collect the forms has not reached yet, and is still on her way to the office.

“It’s 11.45 am. We have been standing here for hours altogether. We are qualified people waiting for someone who just has one job that is to collect the forms. Is she the only employee here?” one of the candidates told Free Press Kashmir furiously.

“We also work. We are females as well. When we have an emergency, we make sure someone covers up. Is there no one available at her place? We have other things to do. It’s about to be 12 and they are nowhere. This is their office timing!” said another candidate coming from a different district.

The candidates were then suggested to come again next week, to which they did not agree.

“They should lock down the office if they cannot work,” one of the candidates said.

Following this, the employees present called (on phone) the officer who was supposed to collect their forms again, and then told the candidates that she had to rush back home to collect her medicine.

According to the candidates, the employee reached the JKPSC office at 12:47 am and the candidates were shifted from her office to ‘ensure her safety’.

“They were supposed to collect it at the counter. But they shifted the entire queue to the other office. They knew we wouldn’t stay quiet,” said the candidates.

“She came in the afternoon, which is no office timing. They could have made adjustments if they wanted to,” said a candidate while submitting her form.

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