U.S. threatens to ‘destroy’ N. Korea after missile test, Trump calls Kim Jong a “Sick Puppy”

Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong Un A “Sick Puppy

The U.S. on Thursday warned Kim Jong-Un’s regime that North Korea would be “utterly destroyed” if a standoff over its missile tests leads to a war and asked all countries to sever economic and diplomatic ties with Pyongyang to punish it for its “acts of aggression”.

Speaking at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss North Korea’s latest missile launch, US ambassador to the world body Nikki Haley said Pyongyang had brought the world closer to war with its latest test of a ballistic missile capable of striking the U.S. mainland, its most advanced yet.

The missile was launched from Sain Ni, North Korea on Tuesday, and travelled about 1,000 km before splashing down in the Sea of Japan, within Japan’s Economic Exclusion Zone.

The U.S. along with Japan and South Korea had called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council after North Korea’s missile launch.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday spoke by telephone with Chinese President Xi Jinping, whose country is an economic lifeline for North Korea, and asked him to put more pressure on Pyongyang. Mr. Trump also asked Mr. Xi to cut off China’s crude oil supplies to North Korea.


Washington urged tough action as emergency talks on the North’s latest provocation opened in the UN Security Council — and after US President Donald Trump derided Kim Jong-Un as a “sick puppy” and threatened “major” new sanctions.

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