Watch: Farooq Abdullah loses cool as Aaj Tak anchor asks him ‘Are you an Indian?’, audience laughs

Jammu and Kashmir leader and former chief minister Farooq Abdullah whose expertise in deflecting difficult questions with jokes, and keeping his cool amongst one on one onslaughts is even acknowledged by his nemesis, lost his cool and lambasted at an Indian TV anchor who asked him at a public event if he considers himself as an Indian.

“Do you consider yourself as an Indian,” asked Punya Prasun Bajpai of Hindi TV channel Aaj Tak at a program. National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah remained silent for a few seconds looking into the face of the anchor.

The audience began clapping at the question of the anchor.

But when the Kashmir leader began roaring at the anchor, there was a pin-drop silence in the huge hall.

Watch the video here:

The behavior of the Aaj Tak anchor, a channel perceived to be anti Kashmir, and anti Muslim, was no different from the ‘fringe’ that is no longer the fringe, and has been dominating India’s political scenario.

Earlier, a fringe group called the Anti-terrorist Front of India had offered a 21-lakh bounty for cutting National Conference President Farooq Abdullah’s tongue for his ‘pro-Pakistan remarks and for speaking against the RSS.

Abdullah, had said that claims of normalcy in the Valley made by the Central and the State Governments were contrary to the ground situation in Kashmir and that there was a growing sense of alienation especially among the youth.

Friends, #FarooqAbdullah says he is an Indian! Do u trust him? He dares Indian Govt to raise Indian Tricolour in Srinagar! He doesn’t admit POK part of India! He loves Rogue state Pakistan!

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