Karra warns administration against ‘promoting hate’ after Madrassa demolition in Jammu

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Srinagar: Taking strong objection to the demolition of Madrasa in Jammu by Jammu Development Authority (JDA), Senior Congress leader Tariq Hameed Karra Tuesday said that the larger anti-Madrassa game plan of RSS has finally reached to the Muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir as well.

Karra while condemning the move said that it was not surprising as the RSS had entered into alliance with PDP only to take its anti-minority agenda to the Muslim majority sate.

He said that it was unfortunate that PDP has become a facilitator and a mute spectator for the sinister designs of RSS. The congress leader questioned the move saying why the action was selective as RSS also was running shivers where extremism is groomed, hatred was being spread against minorities.

Karra said that Hinduism has never supported or promoted radicalistion of the society or fanatic extremism. By promoting and fanaticism RSS is trying to give a new narrative to Hinduism and this way RSS instead of damaging Islam, is rather damaging Secular and tolerant character of Hinduism more.

Karra while giving a ‘strong warning to the perpetrators of hate politics in civil and police administration’ said that the time is fast approaching when the action of such type of officers shall be accounted for and they would be punished for their misdeeds, and a list of such promoters of hate politics in civil and police administration is being prepared.

Karra demanded that the actions against Madrasas should be stopped forthwith and said that PDP and BJP combine was treading on a ‘suicidal’ path which has the potential to wipe out both parties in the secular state of Jammu and Kashmir.


(With inputs from KNS)

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