An Apology: Hate Crime against Muslim man in India’s Rajasthan 

In a gut-wrenching incident of hate crime committed against a Muslim man in India’s Rajasthan state, the man identified as Shambhulal Regar can be seen murdering Mohammed Afrazul, a labourer.

On the morning of December 7, when the news came, it was carried by a large section of the Media. Free Press Kashmir also ran the news from the wire copy and titled it as ‘Man burnt alive in an alleged case of Love Jihad’

There are no reports of allegations against the man as of now. The only allegation is from the murderer who is seen committing the act in the video, and using the word ‘Love Jihad’ only diverts the readers’ thoughts from the hate crime. It seeks, in the way reverse psychology is sometimes used, to divert and move the attention from the purpose of the crime, and to avoid talking about a serious issue for what it is.

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