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Sexy actor or Love Jihad co-conspirator? Fawad Khan EXPOSED!!! With PROOF.

The recent court decision regarding the marriage and conversion of Hadiya, previously known as Akhila Asokan, has been met with criticism and outrage from parts of social and traditional media.

Secular thinkers would ask important questions such as, ‘Was the court wrong in forcefully separating a wife from her husband primarily based on their religious background?’ or ‘Why should love jihad, or any other domestic issue between individuals be investigated by the premier anti-terrorism agency based on a very, very, very, limited/non-existing link to terrorism’.

True patriots would unquestioningly accept that the court didn’t go far enough, and of course love jihad is real.

But unfortunately, too many anti-nationalist journalists, researchers, and others have seemed to spread the false idea that love jihad does not exist.

To help correct these obvious propaganda articles by Islamic terror apologists, this intrepid writer investigated the links of Love Jihad, and found a conspiracy never-before seen in India’s history.

The links to Love Jihad go as far back to the Mughals, especially during the reign of Akbar. What was his marriage to Jodha if not a classic case of Love Jihad?

Historians and scholars might point out that this interpretation might not be supported by history, but this is just a classic case of JNU academics promoting an anti-India history.

We need to leave the world of peer reviewed articles and sources for the more accurate posts on WhatsApp and Facebook.

However, this cannot be a comprehensive article on the history of Love Jihad, so let us fast forward to the present day.

Of course, it is a well-established fact that Pakistan sponsors terrorists and jihadi groups against India, but the world as well as liberals have ignored the fact that Pakistan has also promoted Love Jihad in India through its proxies.

A liberal or rational thinker might point out, “But extremist groups sponsored by Pakistan, such as those in Kashmir, killed and raped Hindu women and drove them out of their homes, not engage in a Love Jihad”.

To those I say, this is disrespectful to all the soldiers who stand at our border trying to keep us safe, while you pro-Pakistanis are ignoring the fact that their wives are also in danger of getting seduced by Muslim men.

Of course, it is not simply Pakistan that is involved in promoting the Love Jihad narrative. It is also part of a wider conspiracy among Muslim countries in upholding and promoting this.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and many other Muslim countries (save the UAE because they built a Hindu temple, unless they criticize us in which case they are also anti-nationals) have helped funnel money and propaganda to help entice Hindu women to marry Muslim men.

Too often, this reporter has heard Hindu women say such horrific comments like, “Coke Studios Pakistan is better than Coke Studios India.” Or that,“Fawad Khan is such a sexy man”. The soft influence of the Love Jihad is seeping through society.

Most important is the role of Bollywood and the heavy Muslim influence in the industry. Not only have these actors promoted the idea that Muslim men can be desirable, or even loveable, many of them have engaged in Love Jihad directly.

Just look at Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Irrfan Khan, and Aamir Khan, they have all obtained Hindu wives.

Now someone might retort that their wives did not convert. But of course, being such public figures, they have to be stealthy about it, so they will let their wives keep their original religion. This, and the fact that patriotic Hindutva groups have consistently published communal propaganda factual posters to keep people like Saif Ali Khan at bay.

But through Bollywood, the Love Jihad experts are able to send subliminal messages to the wider populace about the attractiveness and desirability of Muslim men.

After all, wasn’t it films like Jodhaa Akbar, My Name is Khan, PK, and of course Padmavati (which admittedly this great writer hasn’t seen, but is pretty sure it shows Padmavati fall in love with Alauddin Khilji, despite the filmmakers denying that it happens) that had all good, unspoiled Hindu girls cheering on a Muslim in his fight for love?

Even many Hindu characters are played by Muslim actors, going even deeper to suggest that the ideal Hindu man is really just a Muslim man.

All those times people thought that Shah Rukh Khan playing a ‘Rahul’ character refusing to branch out and stick to what draws people to theaters. In reality, it was part of the great Love Jihad conspiracy. It should go without saying that these films are secretly sponsored by the ISI and other Muslim countries.

Now those anti-Hindus and liberals might say that this is all complete nonsense. There is no evidence of Love Jihad, there is no organized conspiracy, and that the government is just using the NIA to promote a communal boogeyman when the agency should actually be tackling real terrorism cases, not be used for political witch-hunts.

Despite all the news and police investigations by all the pseudo-liberals and sickulars, this intrepid and totally unbiased writer found video evidence of a training camp teaching Muslim men how to snatch away innocent Hindu girls through dance.

It is time for us true Indians to take action.

We must continue to forcibly separate women like Hadiya from their husbands and put them under the control of relatives or other men.

We too must begin to counteract this by wooing Muslim women, and having them convert to Hinduism. The GharWapsi program, which tries to trick large groups of Christians and Muslims into converting to Hinduism is an even more efficient way at counteracting this.

We also need to establish true Hindu values. Enough of these crazy ideas called love, choice and freedom. Any Hindu that believes this is obviously a Dhimmi Hindu, who has been too influenced by Western culture.

To also stave off criticism from pseudo-liberals who say that this is all communal nonsense, this writer responds with the fact that Hinduism is a tolerant religion.

Its just too bad we look at other religions badly, but it means we are totally tolerant, and anyone who disagrees with this will be targeted.

To show how ‘deep’ my knowledge and respect for Islam is, I suggest that we promote Sufism to get rid of the Arab-like Wahhabism.

Do I really understand what Sufism is? No. But suggesting that I have a communal agenda and don’t really know what I’m talking about is just political correctness and sickularism.

And really, anti-nationals should realize that even if the marriage and conversion is completely voluntary and the marriage was done out of love, it is important to save these women from making the choice of joining the very patriarchal religion of Islam.

What better way to save them from one system of patriarchy then trying to force them to rejoin another system of patriarchy, and using the power of the state to enforce more patriarchal decisions on what women can or can’t do.

After all, its important to respect a women’s agency unless she does something we don’t like, especially if she crosses communal lines. Plus, if you disagree, you should just go to Pakistan.


Hari Prasad is an independent researcher on Middle East and South Asian politics and security. 

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