Jammu Court accepts ‘benefits for migrants who stayed’ were only given to Pandits

Jammu: A Jammu court observed, that benefits of SRO 425 scheme meant for migrants who did not migrate from Kashmir were restricted to the Kashmiri Hindu Pandit community, while the Sikhs and other minorities were denied the benefits under the central scheme.

Hon’ble Justice Raj Kotwal, observed that, “whereas the benefit under the Rules of 2009, as they originally were, was available to all the migrants as defined therein irrespective of any cast, creed or religion, the benefit in terms of SRO 425 has been restricted to the members of a particular community, who have not migrated from Kashmir Valley.”

Earlier, an amalgam of Sikh and minorities body had alleged discrimination.

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The all Parties Sikh Coordination Committee (APSCC) had lambasted the central and state governments for changing the nomenclature of the package that was approved some years back for the rehabilitation of people belonging to the minority communities that did not migrate from the Kashmir valley.

In a statement, APSCC Chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina had said that in the past the Government of India ditched the majority community in the state and denied the youth of the jobs in the government sectors.

Raina said that the benefits which should have been given to the members of majority community were showered on the members of a particular community to which first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru belonged to.


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