Implement resolutions of UN where you voted to favour Palestinians, Rahid tells India and Pak

MLA Langate Rashid while welcoming the India and Pakistan’s stand by voting in favour of the resolution at the United Nations condemning the United States for declaring Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, has asked the two countries to find a resolution to the Kashmir dispute.

The spokesman while quoting Rashid said, “It is good to see the traditional rivals like India and Pakistan on the same page over Palestinian cause, but looks strange when Kashmiris get bullets and pallets for raising much a similar voice as being raised by Palestinians.”

The spokesman said that New Delhi needs to be reminded of the fact that it is the same UN which has passed resolutions promising the right to self-determination for people of Jammu & Kashmir on both sides of LOC.

He said, “if New Delhi often claims that the resolutions on J&K are not mandatory, it must be knowing that the resolution which UN Assembly recently passed with India’s support condemning the US is also not binding on the US and New Delhi should not have voted if it treats these resolutions as just piece of paper.”

“Under such circumstances, there is no fun of having a league of United Nations. While India Pakistan voting in favour of Palestinians may hardly make a difference on the ground, both the countries can make a history by accepting UN resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir. New Delhi must take a moral stand and accept UN resolutions on J&K so that India’s dignity and credibility in the world community are restored,” he added.

“While Pakistan has always supported UN resolutions but should not do any such thing that gives India a chance to run away from UN resolutions. Pakistan needs to clear few apprehensions on Gilgit Baltistan and CPEC so that New Delhi is debarred from giving lame excuses and the resolutions are implemented sooner than later for a durable peace in the sub-continent.”

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