Operation All Out: Will target militant leaders who recruit local youth, says IG

‘Estimated figure of active militants in Kashmir around 190’

Srinagar: Kashmir Police chief in statement has said that ‘Operation All Out’ shall continue and militant leadership operational in the valley will be specifically targeted by the armed forces.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kashmir, Muneer Khan said that armed forces have prioritized their efforts to kill the militant leaders operational in Kashmir valley because they were found actively luring the local youth towards the militancy.

He said that the killing of Jaish militant Noor Mohammad Tantray aka Noor Trali was an achievement for the security grid because besides being an active militant, he was an active recruiter of the local youth into militancy.

“The operation all out will continue and it will neutralize more militant leaders who are actively luring the local youth towards the militancy in Kashmir,” Khan added.

The Kashmir Police chief added that an estimated number of active militants in Kashmir is between 190-195. “As per our estimates there are around 190 militants operational in Valley. However, this number could vary as there is no head count of the militants done. We have our own estimates but you cannot term it as an exact figure. The numbers could go up and down,” IG Kashmir said.


(With inputs from KNS)

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