Media gag on government employees violation of fundamental rights, says Rashid

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Why are employees forced to attend public gatherings of Ministers, says Rashid

Handwara: Rejecting social media gag on government employees Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Langate, Engineer Abdul Rashid has said that this move is ‘an attack on fundamental rights of speech and expression’.

Rashid in a statement said, “making government employees accountable is always a welcome move but nobody can deny the fact that government employees are also part of the society and sons of the soil.”

He said, that they can never shut their eyes from the state oppression, repression and violation of other fundamental rights of people of the state.

He added, “It is not the first time government is doing dirty tricks and getting exposed to his own failures, as only last year many government employees were terminated from their services and many stand languished in jails just for calling spade a spade. All this indicates that government especially in New Delhi is feeling insecure and always remains under the apprehension that not only common masses but tools of its own state apparatus may also expose it over various vital issues and in fact do reject tall claims made by the government from time to time.”

“The fact is that government knows not only about its dull performance but also about the fact that New Delhi has nothing to celebrate in Kashmir except atrocities on Kashmiris, as such wants to use all measures to shut their mouth,” he said, adding that media gag on government employees is just one such draconian measure which is aimed at stopping the atrocities on Kashmiris from reaching the outside world.


(With inputs from KNS)

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