National Conference all set to corner coalition government for budget session

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Will corner coalition over HR abuses, Misgovernance, Gag Order against employees

Srinagar: As the budget session is scheduled to commence from January 2, the opposition national conference is all set to corner the present coalition over various issues with recent gag order against the government employees, civilian killings topping the list.

NC’s provincial president for Kashmir, Nasir Aslam Wani said  that there are plethora of issues that merit the immediate attention of the house and that the national conference will raise them one by one during the entire budget session.

He added that the government has been pushing the people of the state, especially youth, to the wall and human rights abuses have become an order of the day. Wani said that the masses across the state are bearing the brunt of the mis-governance and anarchic measures being taken by the present regime.

Condemning the gag order issued by the government- barring its employees to express their views on social media – NC’s provincial president said such a ‘diktat’ is ‘autocratic’ in nature and forfeit the people of their basic of freedom of speech.

“These laws used to be made during the colonial era. After independence, Jammu and Kashmir is the first state wherein such laws have been enacted by the government. It clearly indicates that the present coalition doesn’t even trust its employees and is making every attempt to choke their voice,” Wani said.

He maintained further that the SRO related to the regularisation of the daily wagers in the state is vague and cryptic, containing more confusion and least clarity. “The government has so far only been making the announcements. It has till date not regularised a single daily wager in the state because it is itself confused about the SRO it issued recently,” said NC’s provincial president.


(With inputs from KNS)

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