Taxi Drivers stage protest against Traffic Department, stop plying from Harwan to Srinagar

Srinagar: Taxi drivers of Harwan Wednesday observed a strike and protested against the highhandedness of traffic police and demanded a permanent stand in city centre Lal Chowk.

The Sumo drivers assembled at Harwan Srinagar and staged a massive protest against Traffic Department.

President Sumo Stand Harwan, Muhammad Rafiq, said “We run sumo service from Harwan to Lal Chowk. Presently we have a registered sumo stand at Harwan. When we approach Lal Chowk to drop passengers, the traffic police personal do not allow us to do same,” adding that the traffic police has booked their 40 vehicles in the previous month.

“If the regional transport officer of Srinagar has issued the permit to our vehicles, then why our vehicles are stopped in the Jahangir Chowk,” he said, adding that they are providing this service from last ten years.

He said, “We have currently stopped our sumo service. When the government will give us a permanent place for our sumo stand, then we will restart the service.”

The protesters said that if it becomes difficult for the government to provide them a permanent sumo stand at Lal Chowk, then the government should identify a piece of land for them and they are ready to pay for it.


(With inputs from CNS)

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