Oldest evidence of a Supernova found in Kashmir

A carving on a 5000-year old stone, according to scientists is the oldest evidence of a Supernova in human history. The stone found in Jammu and Kashmir, depicts two bright objects in the sky and a hunting scene.

Earlier, thought to be an imaginary scene, the stone was used in the reconstruction of another structure. Researchers now believe that the importance of the found stone was unknown.

Mayank Vahia and his colleagues at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research have mentioned in their study that after research, a Supernova took place between 4100 BC to 2100 BC.

The site where the stone was found dated back to around 2100 BC.

Further research showed that supernova HB9 had exploded around 3600 BC, making it highly probable that the markings indeed show evidence of the same supernova.

Researchers believe that the stone which has been dated back to over 5 thousand years might have similar stones in the region with more illuminating markings.

Apparently, Vahia and his colleagues guessed it to be a supernova and along with sun in the strange picture where few people are hunting down a dear-like animal under two bright objects.

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