Missing 15-year old girl found with ruptured lungs, liver and mutilated private parts in Haryana

New Delhi: The 15 year old girl, who was missing since last weekin Haryana, was found dead with horrific signs of torture on her body.

The girl’s liver and lungs were ruptured and her private parts have been mutilated, which the doctors have confirmed.  Moreover, an object had been jammed into her body, the doctors added.

The brutal and the horrific assault is a reminder of the gang rape of a 23-year old girl, who came to be known as Nirbhaya. The victim a, medical student was returning after watching a movie with a male friend when she was brutally gang raped in a moving bus in the capital, New Delhi.

The Chief Minister of Haryana,  ML Khattar said that that one of the attackers have been identified and will be arrested soon.

The victim, a class 10 student, had left for tutions last week and didn’t return home. On Saturday, her half naked mutilated body was found in a canal in a village called Jind. She was covered by a torn shirt and visible marks of torture were seen on her face, neck, lips and chest.

The doctors confirmed that signs of sexual assault are very much visible.

“The body had many injury marks, the private parts were mutilated and there were lot of internal injuries. Signs of sexual assault are visible and looks like three-four people were responsible,” a Doctor told NDTV.

He added, “a hard and a blunt thing was inserted inside her, signs of drowning were also found.”

The Doctor also added that it is apparent that the girl had struggled to escape but was gagged, and someone sat on her chest.

Meanwhile the girl’s father lashed out at the administration and alleged that she was kidnapped and raped.

“My daughter was kidnapped and raped. She was tortured. If administration had done its job well, an incident like this would have never happened,” he said while weeping.

Two special investigation teams led by senior officers have been set up to investigate the schoolgirl’s rape, said the police in Jind.


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