Roadmap finalized for completion of Mubarak Mandi Project: Tassaduq Mufti

Reputed conservation architects with expertise in historical conservation co-opted

Jammu: Minister for Tourism, Mr Tassaduq Hussain Mufti today said that a roadmap has been finalized for time-bound accomplishment of the Mubarak Mandi Conservation Project.

“Reputed conservation architects with expertise in historical conservation and space making have been co-opted and a process has been finalized for time-bound completion of this prestigious project,” Mr Tassaduq said while reviewing the progress of Mubarak Mandi Conservation Project here.

He said with the renewed and coordinated efforts, the historic Mubarak Mandi will soon come up as a unique icon of Cultural and Heritage Tourism of Jammu City.

“Mubarak Mandi Complex is a symbol of the State’s composite cultural heritage and represents our tradition, history, art and architectural marvel,” he said and added it is one of the very few buildings in the State with historic blend of Rajput, Kashmiri, European and Mughal architecture.

Mr Tassaduq said that the treasured classic paintings from Kangra, Jammu and Basohli need to be infused with fresh life and the elegant architecture and rare collections at Mubarak Mandi need to be conserved for the posterity. “Unfortunately these marvellous buildings have been abused over the time and lie in a dilapidated state because of apathy at various levels,” he said.

He said it is imperative that we take tangible steps to infuse life, vigour and spirit into this prestigious project.

“The renovation of Mubarak Mandi Complex with its layered histories and singular architecture will bring to the fore the elegance and the splendour of a bygone era,” he said.

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