Militancy has not given Kashmiris what they desire for, cannot cede away from India: Army Chief

New Delhi: Bipin Rawat, the Indian Army chief has said that people of Kashmir are getting tired from militancy as it has not given them what they desired for, reported the Indian Express.

“It has not given them what they desired for. You cannot cede away from India. People have realised that. Some have got radicalised… I feel most of them want to join the mainstream,” the report quoted General Rawat saying.

The Army chief also added that they will soon ‘put an end to the militancy in Kashmir.’

Rawat was recently in news when he said that teachers in Kashmir teach two maps to their students, one of Kashmir and another of India.

Education Minister of the state Altaf Bukhari reacted sharply to the General’s statement and said that the Army should not meddle in education and concentrate on their own job.

Bukhari, in turn was criticized by the State BJP spokesperson Brigadier (retired) Anil Gupta who said that the Minister should ‘smell the coffee rather than locking horns with the Chief of Army Staff.’


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