China claims sovereignty over Doklam, says ‘it’s our own territory’

China on Friday claimed sovereignty on Doklam, a border site where it recently had a tense showdown with Indian troops, The Hindu said on Friday.

Reporting from Beijing, the newspaper quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang as asserting that China was entitled to build infrastructure in Doklam.

Mr Lu, however, declined to comment specifically on purported satellite pictures that apparently show fresh construction in the area.

“I don’t know who offers such kind of photos. I don’t know the detailed information,” Mr Lu said when asked about the images. But he reiterated that Doklam was a Chinese sovereign territory, where Beijing was entitled to build infrastructure at its discretion.

Bhutan also claims the Doklam area to be its part.

India objected to the road building by the PLA, saying that it endangered the security of the narrow corridor.

According to official accounts, both China and India in the past used to withdraw troops from the advanced regions of that area during the winter which is harsh.

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