WATCH: The Bridge of No Return: Gaw Kadal Massacre, January 21, 1990.

In the events leading up to the massacre, a protest rally was organised by the people, against the unwarranted raids, beating up of civilians and molestation charges, a night before in the nearby area of Chota Bazaar.

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What is now a regular occurrence in present day Kashmir, was very new for the civilians here then. Angered by sudden raids, with forces barging into homes, in this Muslim majority place, the people rallied against this violation of their human rights.

A protest rally on January 21 January 1990, was organised, ripe with the slogans for Azadi (Independence).

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When the procession reached the Gaw Kadal area, the CRPF, without any warning fired on the unarmed protesting crowd, “creating a situation similar to the Jallianwala Bagh,” says the local, aware of invisiblisation of their history, as opposed to a more Indian reference, taught in their history books.

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