Finance Minister unveils JK’s first Coinage Calendar

Jammu: Minister for Finance, Labour & Employment Haseeb A Drabu on Tuesday unveiled the “Heritage Calendar-2018” of Department of Culture depicting the “JK’s Numismatic Heritage” through the coinages which were prevalent in the state during ancient period.

Minister of State for Culture Priya Sethi, Commissioner Secretary, Culture Dilshad Khan, Director, Archives Archaeology and Museums Mohammad Shafi Zahid were present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Drabu said, the Heritage Calendar of Directorate of Archives Archaeology and Museums depicts the unique and rich numismatic coinage of the state dating back to 350-150 BC till Dogra Coinage. These copper, silver and gold coins have also been displayed in the state museum of the department, he added.

While going through the coinage details on the various leaves of the calendar, the Minister said one can get complete knowledge of chronological history of its coinage in different periods of the state.

“The theme on coinage for the Heritage Calendar is aimed at inculcating a sense of the coinage of State from the early past to recent era for the citizens, especially students,” he said adding that the calendar is a platform which not only makes our citizens acquainted of our rich heritage but also ingrains in them a sense of preservation of their legacy.

The salient features of the Heritage Calendar depicts the Punch-Marka coins (350-150 BC), the Indo-Greek coinage (92-93BC), the Indo-Scythians coinage (57-35 BC), the Kushan coinage (100-120 AD), the Huns coins (400-500 AD), the Hindu coinage (700-800 AD), the Sultan Coinage (1420-1470), the Mughal coinage (1606-27), the Durani Coinage (1747-72), the Sikh Coinage (1799-1839 AD) and the Dogra Coinage (1842-1850).

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