Have to work together to strengthen the ‘final and irrevocable accession’ with India, says Mehbooba

Jammu: Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Friday said that the accession of the state with India done by National Conference founder Sheikh Abdullah is irrevocable.

She also stressed that in order to reslove issues with Pakistan, cross LoC trade and travel should e thrown open.

Batting for PDP’s idea of self rule, Mehbooba pointed out that its resolution of the Kashmir issue within the ambit of the constitution of India.

The leader of the opposition Omar Abdullah had earlier cornered Mehbooba on her alliance with the BJP and said that she should save herself from the ‘BJP’s hell fire’. However, Mehbooba, while justifying her alliance with the right wing party replied that she is ready to go to hell fire a thousand times if it changes Kashmir to heaven and allow the future generations to live in peace.

Elaborating her counter remark, The chief minister said centre and state governments are on the same page as far as the decisions on law enforcement and crowd control are concerned.

“The decision on amnesty to stone pelters was taken by the state government in 2017 and statements on the amnesty of stone pelters were issued in Delhi by centre leaders later,” she said.

She added that the special representative Dineshwar Sharma talking about amnesty to stone pelters means that centre and state governments are taking decisions in agreement with each other”.

She said that the government is reviewing the cases of all stone pelters who have been arrested in 2008, 2010 and 2016 and the decision to release them or otherwise would be taken by the review committees constituted for the purpose.

In reply to an allegation of Omar Abdullah on alliance with BJP, she said BJP is the single largest party with biggest ever mandate in the country. The party was given mandate by the people in Jammu. The people in this house representing BJP are the elected representatives of people and insulting the legislators in any way does not abide with the the principles of democracy.

‘Accession is final and irrevocable’

Touching the issue of the current crisis in Kashmir, Mehbooba said “all are concerned about the current crisis in Kashmir but a decision taken under the leadership of late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah on the states accession with the union of India is final and irrevocable.

“We have to work for strengthening the decision taken by the popular leader Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. The separatist leaders have taken a different position and I don’t say that they have no role. Separatists have a role but we have to explain the fruitfulness of the accession with India to the people in state”.

‘Indian Constitution flexible enough to accommodate JK’s aspirations’

She stressed that self rule seeks the resolution of Kashmir within the ambit of the Indian constitution.

“I can tell you with authority that the Indian constitution is flexible enough to accommodate and adjust the wishes and aspirations of the people of all the three regions of the state. As for as the relations with Pakistan vis-à-vis Kashmir are concerned history is witness to the fact that even after waging three wars and the Kargil conflict, India and Pakistan were forced to come to the negotiating table,” she said.

“The Shimla agreement, the Lahore declaration and the Agra summit are testimony to the fact that wars take India and Pakistan nowhere but dialogue brings them closer to peace and normalcy,” Mehbooba stressed.

‘Opening LoC trade, travel important for peace with Pakistan’ 

Claiming that the only solution for Kashmir resolution with Pakistan is the opening of cross LoC travel and trade routes between the divided parts of Jammu and Kashmir, the chief minister said it is for Pakistan and the central government in Delhi to decide whether they want to settle the issue within or outside the constitution but we in the Jammu and Kashmir government stress upon the central government to persuade Pakistan for opening up of trade and travel routes between all the divided parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Saying that even America is not able to change the important strategic position Pakistan has in South Asia, the chief minister said Jammu and Kashmir has a similar strategic position in South Asia and is the gateway to central Asia.

‘For how long with you call for ‘Idhar Chalo, Udhar Chalo’

Hitting out at the Resistance Leaders, chief minister questioned their growing tendency to use mosques for political purposes. Mehbooba asked them that what are they are going to achieve by calling for “Idhar Chalo Udhar Chalo” (Call for protest marches).

She said they are pushing youth to violence that leads to their death.

“Sometime, somehow, somewhere, they have to explain that how long can they continue to drive youth to violent paths and in the end dialogue is the only option,” she told the Resistance leaders.

‘Investigation in Shopian killings would be transparent, guilty will be punished’

Speaking about the Shopian civilian murders where Army killed three youth by opening fire on them, Mehbooba said that the investigation would be transparent and the guilty would be sternly punished.

“Army is an institution and a disciplined force. Though some army men, few years back were found involved in land grabbing but that does not mean all the people working in army are land grabbers. No two FIR’s have been filed in Shopian Army firing case. The only FIR filed so far is the one registered by Police and army has given only its version but not filed a counter FIR. Investigation will be transparent and the guilty would be sternly punished”.

‘Pained by the shameful incident that took place in Kathua’ 

Assuring that the investigation into the killing and rape of the minor Kathua girl, the chief minister said, “The case has been handed over to the crime branch and fast track investigation will be ensured at all costs. Those found guilty will be sternly punished. I was equally pained by the shameful incident that that took away the life of an innocent minor girl and her chastity”.

(With inputs from KNS)

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