Kashmir has never been ‘safer’ in the past 35 years, says Amit Shah

New Delhi: BJP President Amit Shah on Monday said that Kashmir has never been ‘safer’ in the past 35 years as it is now. Speaking in the Rajaya Sabha (upper house) during the union Budget session, Shah said that Kashmir is a very crucial problem for the nation.

“Kashmir has never been safer in the last 35 years. The BJP govt has handled the Kashmir issue very well,” he said.

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He also mentioned that before Narendra Modi came into power, on the death of soldiers only condolences were offered. However all has changed after the ‘surgical strikes.’

“Before Narendra Modi was voted to power, if our soldiers were killed on the border, people would offer condolences and then forget it. But, Narendra Modi made surgical strikes possible, hence setting an example for the world to follow, “Shah said.

He also asserted that the world has started to recognise that the Indian Army can also take effective steps to secure its borders, like the US army and the Israeli army.

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