Rahul is my boss too, there should be no doubt about that, says Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi: Sonia Gandhi, the former Congress President has said that the new President Rahul Gandhi is her boss too, reported the ANI.

“We have a new Congress president and on your behalf and my own I wish him all the best. He is now my boss, too. Let there be no doubt about that,” ANI quoted her as saying.

Sonia, who is also the mother of the incumbent President, lashed out at the Narendra Modi government for engaging in  “maximum publicity, minimum government” and “maximum marketing, minimum delivery”.

She also alleged that there is a ‘systematic assault’ on the various institutions of democracy and added that that various investigative agencies are being used to target political rivals.

“It has been almost four years since this government came to power. This has been a period in which institutions have come under systematic assault – Parliament itself, judiciary, media and civil society. Investigative agencies have been let loose against political opponents,” she said.

She also pointed out that violence against the minorities and Dalits of the country are not sporadic but ‘orchestrated’ aimed to polarize the society for political gains.

Sonia also appreciated her party’s performance in the recent Assembly elections in Gujarat and by-polls in Rajasthan.

“We performed very creditably under tough circumstances in Gujarat and recent by-election results in Rajasthan were huge. This shows winds of change are coming. I am sure Karnataka too will underline the resurgence of Congress,” she said.

The former Congress chief used her speech as a clarion call to party leaders for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, urging them to be “in a state of readiness.”

“No doubt 2014 was a severe setback, but I am convinced that it was an aberration,” she added.

She spoke about the need to not just highlight the “abject failures of the Modi government but more importantly, build a positive and credible narrative for ourselves on issues of public concern.”

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