In unverified clip, Zakir Musa threatens to behead Huriyat Leaders, claims he killed Hurriyat’s Yousuf Rather

In an unverified video that has been doing rounds on social media, a man who is speaking while Zakir Musa’s photo is used in the background, says that he will behead Hurriyat leaders for “coming in the way of enforcing the Shariah”.

If this video is authentic, then this is the second video that Zakir Musa has threatened Hurriyat leaders in. The previous video, which was also unverified, and had also gone viral on social media, had been released in May, 2017.

After the video, the parent organisation, Hizbul Mujahideen had reprimanded Musa after which he distanced himself from the organisation.

In the new clip the man says, “I have already said in my previous video message that Kashmir’s fight is not political, but a religious one, but Hurriyat leaders don’t understand… We will have to slit their throats and hang them in Lal Chowk… They don’t understand, so we had to kill Mohammad Yousuf Rather.”

Mohammad Yousuf Rather, a Hurriyat activist, was shot dead after an unknown gunnman fired at him in Chahrangam, Beerwah, on Monday when he was travelling in a passenger vehicle, police said.

What is interesting to note is that the voice quality appears to be changing in the video. There are snippets of a different clip used, seemingly from the old message. The new version appears to have been recorded on professional sound recorders, unlike the old audio which appears to be recorded on a mobile phone.

The dialect also appears to be changing, the older voice has a heavier Kashmiri accent, while the new one seems relatively more refined in Urdu, especially while speaking the words ‘Shariyat’ and ‘Hurriyat’.

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