Police torture, humiliation reason for militancy, not Central Jail Srinagar, says JRL

Srinagar: The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) has called the CID report on the Srinagar Central Jail ‘illogical, ridiculous and a bundle of lies.’

JRL in a statement said that after a series of ‘false and concocted reports’ by some journalists, bias Indian media, dozens of innocent political inmates have been shifted to outside. However to tighten the noose against other inmates ‘ridiculous reports’ are being framed and spread through media and other means.

CID in its report had said that every new militant is only recruited after ‘approval’ from inside the Srinagar Central Jail. The report also called the jail a ‘hub of militant recruitment. The report also said that there is a ‘parallel administrative setup’ of inmates which recruits militants.

The report mentions that the ‘parallel administrative setup’ has an ‘Ameer-e-Zindaan’ (The prison chief) who is appointed by a ‘Shura’ (council) for a period of six months.

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However JRL in it’s statement said that the since the days of  Mahaz-I-Raishumari (Plebiscite movement), the institution of  Ameer-e-Zindaan has been a forum facilitating good relations between jail authorities and inmates and often this forum has benefited Jail authorities to run jails smoothly.

However, today this forum is also being slandered to inflict more trouble on Kashmiri inmates, the JRL statement added.

The Resistance leaders pointed out that Central jail inmates are not facilitating militancy but the reason youth join militancy is police torture, humiliation and aggression.

JRL also claimed that one inmate, Jaish commander Naveed Jutt escaped from the SMHS hospital however five other inmates who were with him came back to the jail on their own.

“Nobody is discussing this aspect of the story but instead of that those who chose to return back are now being victimized and terrorized by police, CID and agencies and are being blamed for recruiting militants,” the statement said.

JRL said that prior to 1988, it was police atrocities, torture and humiliation which pushed a whole generation to the wall and youth of Kashmir were forced to pick guns. However, since 2008, Kashmiris transformed their struggle into a non violent one.

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“Instead of honoring this peaceful gesture of Kashmiris, India chose to crush it with an iron fist and killed hundreds of young, old, men and women including children with impunity. During these years, thousands of young Kashmiris who joined peaceful resistance were arrested, tortured, maimed, and humiliated by police and agencies,” the statement pointed out.

JRL added that Police stations have been turned to worst torture centers where besides beating young boys, their mothers, sisters and families are being showered with abuses and humiliated with utmost shamelessness.

“This police and agency behaviour was and is responsible for pushing our new generation towards armed struggle and not some jail inmates who are being victimized for the crimes committed by so-called rulers and their authorities,” the statement observed.

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