OIC, Pakistan have failed to resolve differences within the Muslim Ummah, says Rasheed

Jammu: Appealing Pakistan and other Islamic countries to play their role without further delay in bringing peace in Syria, AIP chief and MLA Langate Engineer Rasheed has said that OIC and Arab league both have failed humanity as well as Muslims.

In a statement Rasheed said while the ‘intentions of Americans, Russians and other powers are well known’ but those claiming to work for the unity of Muslim Ummah have added fuel to the fire not only in Syria but at other places where Muslim have been forced into infighting resulting in civil wars.

“It is disgusting that neither Saudi Arabia not Pakistan have been able to play a constructive role to resolve differences within Muslims all over the world. This irresponsible behaviour and sectarian divide has destroyed the trust between Muslim countries, ethnic groups and other forces within the Ummah,” Rasheed said in a statement.

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He added, “While Pakistan has been supporting Kashmir cause on the diplomatic and moral front and the same is being valued with respect by Kashmiris, its silence and apologetic role in Syria has come under doubt. If OIC or Arab league are not able to resolve domestic issues within Islamic states or Arab world how should they help people in Palestine, Kashmir and other places to achieve their political rights.”

Rasheed pointed out that what shocks Muslims is not the atrocities they are enduing but the ‘puppet’ behaviour of Muslim rulers.

“Muslims all over the world including Kashmir are not worried about atrocities by Americans, Russians or Israelis against Muslims but feel shocked when the Muslim rulers behave like puppets and never move beyond words to help the innocent unarmed children, men and women in Syria who get massacred by their own people under command and control of dictators like Bashar-al-Assad,” Rasheed concluded.

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