Sonia’s scathing attack on BJP: ‘Idea of India under attack, ‘Achhe Din will turn into India Shining’

‘Acche din will do to Modi what India Shining did to Vajpayee’

New Delhi: On Friday, Sonia Gandhi, the former chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance launched a scathing attack on the current government and said that she is confident that BJP’s ‘Achhe Din will turn into India Shining’.

She added that the idea of India was under attack under the present dispensation.

“I am confident that BJP’s Achhe Din will turn into India Shining that brought us the victory,” Gandhi said.

While pointing out differences between the governance of former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi, Gandhi stressed that Vajpayee had great respect for parliamentary procedures.

“Parliamentary rules are not followed under the current government,” she said while speaking at the India Today Conlave.

She also mentioned that ‘callous remarks about changing the Constitution of India point to a deliberate attempt to subvert the very essence of India.’

MoS of Skill Development Anant Kumar Hegde had recently said that they (BJP) are here to change the Constitution’. 

Sonia also pointed out that everyone should be worried that how the foundational principles of the constitution are being willfully shredded.

“Provocative statements from the ruling governments are not random or accidental they are part of a dangerous design,” she said while referring to the BJP reign at the centre.

While talking about Aadhaar, she said that an instrument of empowerment has been turned into an ‘intrusive’ one. Sonia also added that the RTI was brought in to fight corruption and bring transparency however, the act has been put into clod storage.

The Former Congress President said that from freedom to think to choice of eating, everything is under attack.

“The freedom to think for oneself, to differ and disagree, to eat according to one’s choice, to meet and marry according to one’s wishes all this and more is under attack. Our country, our society, our freedoms all are now under a systematic and sustained assault. Our freedoms are under attack.”

Speaking on what went wrong for Congress in the last few years, Gandhi said that there was certain amount of anti incumbency.

She said: “There were certain issues. We were in a way out marketed. We couldn’t compete with how Modi went into elections.” She further said that the Congress party has to develop a new style of connecting with people. The former Congress chairperson also downplayed all the talks of corruption during UPA-II regime.


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