Disgusted while reading Haseeb Drabu’s statement, says KCCI

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The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( KCCI) has flayed recent remarks of Finance minister Dr Haseeb Drabu in which he had said that “Kashmir issue is not a political but social problem”.

A statement issued by KCCI said “remarks made by the Finance minister terming Kashmir as a social issue is far from the truth when whole world recognises it as a political issue pending for a solution for the last 70 years,” the statement added.

“For the past 70 years, our economy has become a victim of non -settlement which our organisation has pointed out recently in a memorandum to the Chief Minister and the reason for our failure to take advantage of our resources which can make us economically independent in the shortest possible time,” the statement said.

“By using the platform of an organisation which is based in Delhi, our narrative of Kashmir is being diluted and an impression is being created particularly in front of Ambassadors present on the occasion. This we think is the reason to promote such organisations in Kashmir who have no locus standi locally and represented by maximum of total membership of not more than a score . We appeal to our local businessmen who have become a part of such organisations to come forward with its view on such issues publicly or we will all infer that they do not consider Kashmir as a political issue yet to be settled,” the statement said.

“The PDP in its agenda of alliance has recognised the fact of the settlement of Kashmir by talking to all stakeholders internally and externally and as such the Finance minister has done a great disservice to not only to his own party but to people of Kashmir who have sacrificed by their lives and never cared about economic losses,” the statement said.

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