Geelani rejected ‘IB’s talk offer, called it a futile time buying exercise’, says Hurriyat (G)

Srinagar: Hurriyat (M) chairman Syed Ali Geelani, in a statement on Friday said that he ‘rejected talks offer with India by an IB official’ and termed all these attempts as a futile time buying tactic by New Delhi.

According to the statement, Geelani told the IB official, “For any Kashmiri to be part of this futile exercise will only undermine our internationally acknowledged legitimate and just struggle, nourished by the blood of our martyrs and great sacrifices and hardships rendered by the masses.”

Chief Spokesperson G A Gulzar in a statement added that Geelani while refusing to talk said that Kashmir dispute is has to be addressed in its historical perspective and India has to to acknowledge the disputed status of Kashmir and begin demilitarization to hold a referendum.

Geelani made it clear that Kashmir issue has turned into a flash point and unless India accepts its disputed nature, no progress is expected and horrors of war will haunt people living in sub-continent. He further said that people of J&K are peace-loving, and Indian leaders can play a key role (in resolving the issue) by respecting their aspirations, instead of adopting coercive measures.

“They should shun fanatical politics because the need of the hour is to acknowledge the ground realities of the long-pending Jammu and Kashmir dispute,”Geelani told to the IB official, according to the statement.

“Kashmiri people have never accepted or acknowledged the forced occupation of India and they are at war with this country (India) for the past seven decades, “Geelani told the IB official.

Syed Ali Geelani addressing IB official said that to continue its forced military occupation, India is not only inflicting worst oppression and atrocities upon the Kashmiri nation but this country is supressing our youth and killing them on mere pretext.

The Hurriyat leader added that they are not against dialogue be seek a peaceful resolution of the dispute.

“I, with a sincere heart, want to convey that we are yearning for peace and seek peaceful resolution to the long- pending (Kashmir) issue,” Geelani said and added we are not against the dialogue process, but we favour only meaningful and result-oriented negotiations. We have a clear agenda and our viewpoint is unambiguous, saying the issue can be resolved through dialogue,” however he added that more than 150 rounds of bilateral negotiations yielded no results because India never illustrated sincerity, said Syed Ali Geelani.

Geelani while addressing intelligence officer said that it is very unfortunate that tall claims of Indian leadership about being a largest democracy, is nothing but hoax, as political and its army leadership are following fascist mindset saying that it is extremely unwise to deny political space and muzzle genuine voices, saying people and leadership are reeling under emergency and martial law like situations.

“Lawlessness is at its peak and the rampant use of black laws like POTA, AFSPA has become the order of the day and NIA during its raids arrested resistance leadership on fabricated charges and detained them in Tihar jail. The detainees in Tihar and other jails are meted out will inhuman and harsh treatment and denied basic amenities as guaranteed in UN charter,” said Geelani.

According to the statement, the Hurriyat leader made it clear that under such indifferent, apathetic and appalling situation no talks will prove fruitful and result oriented, hence it is the responsibility of Indian leadership to prepare conducive atmosphere for talks between all its stakeholders including Pakistan.

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