China has built a new road to South Doklam, claims report, Rahul takes dig at Modi

Srinagar: China has made a new road, throughout the winter which will by pass the Indian blockade at Doklam and give its troops access to the Southern part of the plateau, said a report of the Print.

After a tense standoff that saw both sides moving heavy weaponry, including tanks and missile units to forward areas, India and China decided to pull back troops from the point of contention in late August, with the understanding that status quo had been achieved.

An earlier report in The Print in January also claimed that China has almost completely taken control of the northern side of the disputed plateau.

According to report, the latest satellite imagery from the area suggests that while road construction at the point of contention has stopped, China has been working through the winter to create an alternate route that will give it access to the southern part of the plateau.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in a tweet while taking a dig at Narendra Modi asked that how is ‘Modji going to react as in Doklam it’s China season again.

In the tweet, Gandhi has called for a poll about Modi’s reaction.

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