‘Data War’: Congress, BJP lock horns, allege each other of sharing user data with third parties

New Delhi: After it came to fore that Narendra Modi App is sending personal information of its users to a third party website called without the user’s consent, the BJP and the Congress have accused each other of sharing data.

First, it was the Congress President Rahul Gandhi who in a tweet alleged that Narendra Modi App shares data with ‘PMs friends in American companies.

Rahul was referring to a French cyber security researcher’s recent allegation that the Narendra Modi app shares registered users’ data with a US-based behavioural analytics company.

In response, the BJP’s IT Cell head Amit Malviya alleged that Congress Party shares the user data with ‘friends in Singapore.’

In another tweet, Rahul Gandhi while calling for  and referring to Modi as ‘big boss’ said that around 13 lakh NCC cadets have been forced to download the App.

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