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Saudi Arabia blames Iran for Riyadh missile attacks

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has blamed Iran for the missile attacks on Riyadh in which an Egyptian expat was killed and two others were injured.

The Arab Coalition which is lead by Saudi Arabia has alleged that the debris of the missiles which were intercepted, have features of weapons manufactured near Tehran, reported the Arab News.

The coalition while lashing out at Iran for providing Houthi militias with sophisticated arms and ballistic missiles, said that the Iranians were undermining regional security.

At a news conference on Monday night, which was attended by ambassadors of the Saudi-led military alliance, coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki displayed the debris of the Houthi missiles that targeted Riyadh.

He said forensic analysis of the wreckage of the missiles showed they were supplied to the Houthi militias by Iran.

During his fact-finding presentation, the coalition spokesman shared a smuggled missile from Iran which was seized by the coalition forces before making its way to the Houthi militias in Yemen.

“These ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia were a serious escalation and a threat to regional and international security,” he said.

“The hostile action by the Iranian regime in smuggling arms to Houthi militias … only prove that the Iranian regime continues to support the armed militants with military capabilities … allowing it to demonstrate its threat to regional as well as international security by disturbing peace and spreading chaos.”

Al-Maliki noted that 78 percent of 104 ballistic missiles that have been launched targeting the Kingdom came from Yemen’s Saadah and north of Amran areas.

The Houthi militants are also using Sanaa airport to launch missile attacks on Saudi territory, he told the audience.

Saudi Arabia’s air defence on Monday intercepted seven ballistic missiles which the authorities claim to be fired by Houthi militia in Yemen.

A spokesperson of the the Arab Coalition helping Yemen’s ‘legitimate government’ said that three of the missiles were fired toward Riyadh, two toward Jazan, and one each toward Khamis Mushayt and Najran.

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