‘Sehrai’s statement endorsement of Shabir Shah’s call for unity of resistance camp’

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Welcoming the statement of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat chairman, Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai regarding the unity of resistance camp in light of the 1993 All Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) constitution, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) today said that the statement is the endorsement of its incarcerated chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah.

In a statement, JKDFP Secretary General Moulanad Abdullah Tari said that incarcerated leader Shabir Ahmad Shah had repeatedly emphasized the need to restore the 1993 constitution of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) and unite all resistance parties under it.

When Shabir Ahmad Shah decided to join one of the Hurriyat factions in recent past he had set it a condition that the efforts to restore the 1993 constitution will be increased and all the resistance parties will be made part of it.

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The policy of our incarcerated leader from day one has been that unity can minimize our sufferings and our goal will come closer. Terming the statement of Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai a support of Shabir Shah’s policy, Moulana Tari said that unity was and is a necessity and to reinstate the1993 APHC constitution is the only way out for a broader unity among the resistance parties.

He said that the unity within the resistance camp worked and had a positive impact for so many years in the beginning however unfortunately some issues damaged it later. The time is ripe to forge a unity among all in light of the 1993 All Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC) constitution so that the nation feels empowered, Moulana Tari said.


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