Indigo plane’s tyre bursts while landing at Hyderabad, all passengers safe

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An Indigo flight, plying between Tirupati and Hyderabad, suffered a tyre burst at the time of landing. However, all 77 individuals on board were safely evacuated, a statement from the airline said.

The flight took off from Tirupati Airport around 8.50 pm and landed at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at around 10 pm on Wednesday.

After the tyre burst, the plane got stuck on the runway following which two planes had to be diverted to Bengaluru airport. Operations had to be suspended for some time.

The tyre burst triggered an emergency response at the airport as ground staff noticed sparks soon after the plane landed. A team of firefighters was sent to the aircraft, and the pilot reassured passengers before they were evacuated, NDTV reported.

However, some passengers argued with the plane’s crew about the doors not opening quickly for evacuation, IANS reported citing a video clip posted by YSR Congress leader Roja, who was on the flight.


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