Shooting at YouTube Headquarters, suspect wounded three, killed self, say Police

A woman, identified as Nasim Aghdam shot and wounded three people at YouTube’s headquarters in Northern California before killing herself, police said on Wednesday.

The motive of the crime is still being investigated. The 39-year old woman of Iranian decent had in the past posted material in which she had vented anger against YouTube.

The BBC reported that the suspect is reported to have approached an outdoor patio and dining area at the offices in San Bruno, near San Francisco, at about lunchtime and opened fire with a handgun.

San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said officers arrived at the offices at 12:48 (19:48 GMT) local time to find a “chaotic scene”, with numerous people fleeing.

Aghdam appeared often on YouTube and in one of her videos criticised the platform for discriminating against and filtering her posts.

On her personal website she accused YouTube of taking steps to prevent her videos from getting views.

“There is no equal growth opportunity on YouTube or any other video sharing site. Your channel will grow if they want to!” she wrote.

After the shooting, her account has been removed. Her Facebook and Instagram accounts have also been removed.

US President Donald Trump tweeted about the incident and expressed his condolences.

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