500 crores allocated because ‘Srinagar city lacks sufficient surveillance, need more CCTV cameras’

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CCTV installation proposal in active consideration, says Govt

‘Aim is to combine community policing’

CCTVs at strategic locations, will be complimented with developing e-portals for on the spot ‘incident reporting’

Srinagar: Srinagar city is yet to get “smart” when it comes to the installation of CCTV cameras in public places for “safety and security” reasons, according to the government.

Official Sources said that at many establishments, the installed CCTV cameras are not working properly or have not been upgraded to the new versions available in market. “CCTVs were already installed at several places in Srinagar for security but many are defunct,” sources claimed.

An official document also says that there was “inadequate” availability of CCTV surveillance in Srinagar city. “CCTV surveillance will prove as smart eye to the city. Well illuminated street lighting system will also ensure safety and security,” the document reads.

“Presently, we lack proper surveillance especially in Srinagar. Once the CCTV cameras are installed, we will also be able to identify those who indulge in vandalizing property during the protests,” a police official said.

The government said that safety would be ensured by citywide network of the “public eye”, an initiative the government suggests was combining community policing with technology, installation of CCTV at strategic locations, and developing e-portals for “on the spot incident reporting”.

“The CCTV cameras and illuminating streets and roads through street lighting system fitted with sensors should be incorporated in the smart city proposal for ensuring safety and security in the city,” official documents read.

The CCTV cameras according to document would also ensure traffic regulation.

An official of the Housing and Urban Development told KNS that installation of CCTVs would “ensure” safety of people and “regulation” of rules.

He said that proposal has been made on the suggestions of various departments and that it is under active consideration.

“Monitoring of traffic violations is much needed to reduce number of road accidents. There has been increase in number of road accidents and traffic challans in the state,” the official said.

Meanwhile police sources said that the management of commercial establishments, educational institutions, banks, religious places, bus stations, , hotels, industrial units, lodges, guest houses among others had already been asked to fix CCTV cameras and make arrangement to store video footage to a minimum of 30 days and make it available for inspection as and when required.

The government has said that it plans to bring major towns, police stations, police posts, the National Highway (NH) and other important roads under the state-wide CCTV Surveillance System Project.

“To give a boost to these efforts, an allocation of Rs 500 crore has been made for High Security Capacity Building over a period of three years. The money will be spent on technical upgradation, including extensive installation of CCTV cameras,” the government’s economic survey report 2016 says.


(With inputs from KNS)

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