PDP welcomes Pak Army Chief’s call for talks, says our Agenda of reconciliation only way forward

Srinagar: PDP Chief Spokesperson Rafi Ahmad Mir while welcoming the Pakistan’s Army Chief General Bajwa’s call for talks said that dialogue is the only way to achieve peace between two countries and it was core ideology of the PDP that is finding relevance in the global political discourse.

Mir while appealing to the leadership of both the countries to initiate dialogue and take steps for the betterment of ties said, “For decades humanity has been left to bleed, The leadership of both the countries should rise to the occasion and change the hate mongering between the two into a peace narrative.”

Mir said a friendly relationship between the two countries would have a positive bearing on the situation in the state, which had seen enough bloodshed over the last three decades. Deaths on both sides of the border and killings inside the state rob us of peace and only the graveyards are getting filled, devouring the sons of the soil.

Stating that Dialogue is the only way out, Mir said that PDP’s core agenda is to achieve peace with reconciliation and that can only happen with a sustained dialogue. He said that Dialogue alone will end mayhem and destruction and bring peace.

The Chief Spokesperson said that PDP has envisioned to bring Jammu and Kashmir out of the miseries and give its people prosperous and peaceful times.

“Opening of more routes, better neighbourly relations between the two countries and more people to people contacts were the immediate results of the PDP’s doctrine of healing touch and reconciliation. The vision and philosophy of the party are becoming more relevant with every passing day as the situation in the subcontinent reads so,” Mir said.


(With inputs from KNS)

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