Iranian missile attack on Israel at ‘advanced stage’, will kill Assad if Iran doesn’t stop, says Tel Aviv

T4 Syrian Air Force Base. Photo Credit: Google/DigitalGlobe.

Times of Israel reported that nabbed Hezbollah members said they were waiting for final orders

Israeli defense officials are bracing for the possibility of an Iranian attack from Syria, in the form of rocket and missile launches at northern Israel.

Officials believe Iran is determined to retaliate for the April 9 airstrike on Syria’s T4 airbase, which killed seven Iranian military advisers and members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Iran blames Israel for this attack.

Military expert Roni Daniel said the country’s intelligence suggested Iran would use Shiite militias already deployed in Syria, along with Hezbollah, seeking to avoid exposing itself as the perpetrator, the Jerusalem Post reported.

A security cabinet minister of Israel said on Monday that Israel could kill Syrian President Bashar Assad if Iranian military forces and missiles through Syria towards Israel’s borders don’t stop,

“If Assad allows Iran to turn Syria into a military vanguard against us, to attack us from Syrian territory, he should know that would be the end of him, the end of his regime,” Yuval Steinitz told Israeli news site Ynetnews.

Israel Radio said the Iranian planning for an attack was at “an advanced stage.”

Opposition forces in southern Syria arrested a number of suspected Hezbollah members in the past week, including one man who said he was awaiting orders to fire rockets at Israel, a rebel commander told The Times of Israel late Sunday night.

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