Necessary that political parties, separatists join hands to end sufferings of people, says Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah, the President of the National Conference has said that he doesn’t know of any political group, including the Resistance camp, that is relevant in Kashmir valley nowadays.

He also added that the militants are on their own as no one controls them. In a interview with the Press Trust of India, Abdullah advocated that political parties and the Resistance leaders should join hands in order to end the sufferings of the people.

“I do not know who is relevant because boys are on their own. I don’t think anybody controls them or anybody is their master,” Abdullah said. He said the situation in the valley demanded that the mainstream parties and separatist political groups join hands to end the sufferings of the people.

“What is necessary today is for all of us — whether mainstream or separatists — to come together to end this tragedy which is affecting this valley for so many years,” Abdullah said.

The Lok Sabha member from Srinagar said he was hopeful that the youth of Kashmir would realise the futility of violence in all forms including stone pelting.

“This is affecting their education, daily life is thrown into misery and today only thing that we have to save for our future is tourism…Our Prime Minister also mentioned in his speech that tourism would give so much money that not only state would be able to enjoy that but the nation would get benefited.

“Our lifeline is tourism and this conflict continues to destroy the very existence of Kashmir tourism,” he said.

Abdullah said it was not only Kashmiris who were responsible for the tragedy unfolding in the valley as Pakistan was pushing militants into Kashmir.

“If Pakistan stopped infiltrating militants into the valley, probably this situation would have settled long time ago. The tragedy is that they have vested interests in the valley and they have people who support their movement,” he said.

The National Conference leader said the Government of India will have to take steps similar to those taken by former prime ministers Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh — dialogue with Pakistan.

“By having some sort of workable relations, India and Pakistan will settle Kashmir dispute. Without talks, I don’t see any forward movement. I have always said that if we wait for the last bullet to be fired that is not going to happen. So let us catch the bull by its horn now. I am sure that there are people on both sides who want peace, prosperity and progress of both nations,” he said.

On the unilateral halt in security operations during Ramzan, Abdullah said it was a very welcome step. “We hoped that Pakistan would also reciprocate as it had done in Vajpayee’s time. All the parties, separatists and others had welcomed the step at that time. Today, the situation is different.”

“Separatists have not accepted it, Pakistan’s response is not forthcoming. So we are in a fix whether it will be truly effective and we will have peace like in Vajpayee’s tenure when we had peace for many years,” he added.

Abdullah sidestepped a question on whether a special bond was developing between him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Prime Minister has to think about all nation. He is Prime Minister of everyone. I remember Vajpayee-ji was an RSS man and he had 23 parties that he was able to lead and lead successfully because he realised that this nation is diverse and that diversity has to be strengthened to make this nation prosperous and progressing.”

“I hope and pray that Modi-ji will also follow the same path of unity and diversity and strengthen diversity for prosperity of nation,” he said.

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