Amid growing incidents of rifle snatching, Police bans use of smartphones by sentries

In wake of growing incidents of rifle snatching in the valley, the Jammu and Kashmir Police has imposed a ban on use of smartphones by sentries. The Police, in its order said that sentries remain occupied with the smart phones their by compromising with their legitimate duty.

“It has been observed that recent weapon snatching incidents have occurred due to the reason that sentries on duty remain engaged with their smart phones for most of the time thereby compromising with their legitimate duty. This tendency has considerably increased and resulted in weapon snatching/killing of police cops in the state, particularly in the Valley,” said an order issued by Additional Director General of Police Armed JK, AK Choudhary.

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“The tendency not only lowered the image of police organization but also compromises with personal security of the individual. This speaks volumes about lack of supervision and sensitization of lower subordinates with inputs and overall security situation in and around a particular area”.

Saying no sentry will be allowed to use smart phones while on duty, the order read: “No sentry shall carry with him any smart phone during duty hours under any circumstances. All sentries, particularly on guard duty, shall wear BP gear and chain their weapons with their belts properly. All the guards shall introduce improvised alarm system. All the guard personnel shall remain available round the clock in their respective guard rooms in a state of alertness and in proper uniform during day-time”.

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The unit duty officers, according to the order, have been directed to take hourly situation report from all company commanders. “All guard personnel shall ensure compliance of the standing drill in letter and spirit. They shall have liaise with nearest district police installations/security force’s (SFs) pickets,” read the order.

“All the commandants of JKAP/IR Battalions and supervisory officers concerned are enjoined upon to ensure implementation of the directions in letter and spirit. They shall ensure that all the officers/officials of their respective units are briefed adequately in this regard for better results on the ground. In case of any delinquency, the concerned commandants and other supervisory officers shall also be held responsible,” the order added.

The order comes a day after a special police officer decamped with a rifle from the residence of a political leader in north Kashmir.

Recently, a rifle was snatched from a policeman posted at the University of Kashmir at Hazratbal on Wednesday. Reports said that some unknown persons overpowered a policeman posted at the Rumi Gate of the varsity and fled with his rifle.

National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah while reacting to the rifle snatching incident outside the Kashmir University, has said that no place in Kashmir seems safe anymore.

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