No talks with Pakistan untill they stop ‘cross border terrorism’, says Rajnath Singh

Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said that talks with Pakistan cannot take place untill it stops ‘cross border terrorism.’

In an interview with Aaj Tak, Singh said that Pakistan needed to learn the right lesson from the ‘surgical strikes’ and the subsequent response from India to repeated ceasefire violations.

“There are talks about talks with Pakistan. But the question is, is Pakistan willing to talk? Pakistan is our neighbour. We want good relations with all our neighbours. But there is no question right now of talks with Pakistan till it ends support to terrorism. Under present circumstances, talks cannot happen with Pakistan,” Singh said.

Talking about the unilateral ceasefire which was announced by the Government of India recently, he said that ‘security forces will not sit quietly if terrorists attacked them.’

Singh preferred to call it “suspension of operations against terrorists”. He said, “It is the suspension of operations. We have done it after giving proper thought to it. This was done to ensure that no civilian dies in operations by security forces.”

While responding to the rejection of the Ramzan ceasefire by militants, Singh said, “How do you expect terrorists to support our move? They will not,” adding, “Pakistan has not responded in the manner it should have after suspension of operation in Kashmir Pakistan does not want Indian Muslims to celebrate Ramzan peacefully.”

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