Lal Singh warns Jammu BJP leaders, says central BJP on board for probe into Kathua rape and murder case

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Jammu: “Jammu is getting united and this is what has led to conspiracies being hatched to defame Dogras of Jammu region. Maha Swabhiman rally in Jammu will be a wake-up call for all those who have time and again betrayed Jammu. Join the movement or else people of Jammu region will not spare you. It will ensure that the demand for Justice for the 8 year old goddess whose killers are yet to be punished is heard loud and clear,” this was stated by ex-minister Choudhary Lal Singh while addressing a series of public gatherings in Kharote, Patyari, Janglote and Krishna Colony in Kathua district.

He said that the central leadership of BJP has accepted that the demand for CBI inquiry in the Rasana case is justified and no cause is bigger than the cause of seeking justice on the parameters of equality and regional peace.

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“I met the central leadership of BJP and apprised them about the pain and agony of the people of Jammu region over the deliberate denial of CBI probe in Rasana case. I told them how things were manipulated and an impression was created that Dogras of Jammu region were trying to sabotage the probe being done by crime branch of Jammu & Kashmir police. We were called pro-rapist. I made it clear to them that how I could have stayed silent when my honour was being attacked,” said minister Choudhary Lal singh.

“The leadership agreed with me that no community should complain of injustice over any issue. I told them categorically that the Jan Andholan would continue till the time a CBI inquiry is not ordered in the Rasana case.”

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He added, “I further said that Dogra Swabhiman rally of May 20th was just a beginning of the mass movement in Jammu region against highly communal, discriminatory and highly irresponsible attitude of the party leading the coalition in Jammu and Kashmir. I made it clear that I would not rest till the time the state govt does not recommend CBI probe in the Rasana case.”

“People of Jammu region have sacrificed a lot for the sake of unity and integrity of country. We will continue making sacrifices but we will not allow anyone to play with our sentiments, emotions, honour & dignity. We want CBI probe in the Rasana case and nothing else. Those who are sitting silently & call themselves the leaders of Jammu region should bear in mind people will not forgive them as and when they get a chance. Join me and let us get Justice for that 8 year old Goddess. What is stopping these leaders in joining the cause for CBI probe in Rasana case,” said Singh.

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“We are not demanding something which cannot be given or which is legally impossible. A lie is being spread that the case is before the Supreme Court & cannot be handed over to CBI. I understand these tricks of ruling party. Let people understand that Supreme Court has not restrained state government from ordering CBI probe. All those spreading lies on behalf of the government should bear in mind that their fate would be decided by the people of the Jammu region and not by the party which is leading the coalition government. That is why I tell all of them wake up or it will be too late,” Said Choudhary Lal Singh. He urged people to remain united.

Alongwith Choudhary Lal Singh, those who addressed rallies included Dr. Hari Dutt Shishu, Adv Kirti Bhushan and Sarpanch Mohan Sharma.


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