Pakistani film ‘Azaadi’ shows Kashmiris fighting the Indian army in the forests

Pakistani film Azaadi, will be released on June 15, the day which marks Eid ul Fitr. Directed by Imran Malik, the film stars Moammar Rana as Azaad, Sonya Hussain and the film’s female lead Zara.

In what appears from the trailers, Azaad is a freedom fighter, a mujahid, who is seen living in the jungles. Possibly inspired by Burhan Wani, Azaad’s jungle stint and action sequences coincide with him romancing Zara.

Zara is a British journalist of Pakistani origin who gets caught up in Azaad’s struggle, to liberate Kashmir and join it with Pakistan.

Azaad is seen waving the Pakistani flag in the scenes. In one sequence he says that Kashmir’s freedom is a voice of 19 Crore 30 Lac people, pointing to the population of Pakistan.

The action film has been shot in Pakistan administered Kashmir, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom.

The trailer of Azaadi, released in March, shows Zara travelling to Kashmir and getting to know about its political situation.

She seeks to interview Azaad, who with his armed colleagues, are in constant conflict with, presumably, the Indian Army. The trailer contains action sequences, punch dialogues, and Indian villains.

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The film also shows the villian, a very visibly Indian Hindu politician, who wants to make ‘Shamshan Ghats’ graveyards in Kashmir.

In 2017, more than year after the killing of Burhan Wani, film-makers in Pakistan had come up with an animated version of the the rebel whose killing brought the entire region to an absolute stand still.

The video had been removed from YouTube, and the official account suspended. The teaser of the animated movie titled ‘Burhan, the Son of Kashmir’ was released on the website by the same name. Rana Abrar, a Pakistan based director has directed the movie featuring animated Burhan Wani as the protagonist.

In an email, Abrar said that, “they (Indian lobby) cannot stop us from supporting the Kashmiri freedom movement.”

He said that the team would go on and complete the film “as soon as possible”.

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